General Information and Submission Guidelines

Sample requirements:

  • Some tests require a specific collection tube/ specimen (i.e.:  serum, whole blood, plasma, slide), see our general requisition form for specifications.
  • For tests requiring serum, blood may be collected using a serum separator tube (red top or tiger top) or lavender top tube.  Plasma from a lavender top tube is also acceptable.
  • Spin down sample in red top or tiger top tube after standard 20 minute clot time.
  • Separated serum may be harvested into another tube.  Preference of 1 cc of serum per test.
  • Please have proper identification (animal name/last name of client) on both the form and collection tube.
  • If any requested test is a previous positive (either from our lab or another lab), please indicate test, date, and titer on the requisition form.
  • Keep serum sample refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Form requirements:

  • Please have proper identification (animal name/last name of client) on both the form and collection tube.
  • Please circle all requested tests on requisition form.
  • We only request the top copy of the requisition form.
  • Make sure that all of the current clinic and owner information are printed clearly on the requisition form.
  • If you are a new hospital, doctor, or client, an account will be created with your first submission.  You may enclose a check (cash and credit cards are not accepted) or we will bill you at the end of the month.


Shipping Suggestions:

  • Sending specimen with a cold pack is strongly recommended.
  • Send specimen, cold packs, and requisition form packaged to avoid leaking and breaking.
  • We accept shipments from the major carriers: UPS, USPS, and FedEx.  We will accept from any carrier of your choosing if not in the above list.
  • Samples should be shipped for either overnight or second day delivery.   Standard mail is not recommended because the package could take up to two weeks to arrive, even from the West coast.
  • Saturday shipments are accepted.
  • We will provide your clinic with submission forms, bags, styrofoam carriers, and box mailers upon request.


General Test Information:

  • Most tests can be run with serum or plasma or CSF.  Please refer to the general requisition form (ADD LINK HERE) for further clarification.
  • Tests are routinely run Monday-Friday with results reported within 24 hours.
    • Fungal tests take 48-72 hours to complete.
    • Babesia gibsoni, Babesia spp., and Leishmani infantum tests are run only on Fridays.
  • Test substitutions are allowed for some of our “panels”.  Please call for further clarification.
  • Results are faxed between 4-6pm Monday-Friday (AZ time) and a hard copy of the results are mailed at the end of the work week.


Thank you for choosing Protatek Reference Lab.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 480.545.8499.


Updated 15 July 2012